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Our Services

Due diligence, reporting and monitoring services


At Emerson Bond, our experienced chartered surveyors offer expert advice and guidance to ensure the right investment decisions are made throughout development projects.

Initial appraisal

An in-depth analysis to assess the suitability of a development and identify potential project risk.

We review all critical aspects of current or potential developments to assess lender risk and help keep funds secure. This includes:

  • Planning consents

  • Statutory compliance

  • Contractor/team capability

  • Contractual arrangements

  • Procurement arrangements

  • Development cashflow

  • Site condition review

  • Facility covenant testing

  • Cost analysis

  • Benchmarking


Monthly reporting

Ongoing advice and reporting to minimise and manage funder risk throughout a project.

We remain engaged with frequent communication, site visits and ongoing appraisal to protect your investment. We provide:

  • Monthly site visits

  • Drawdown approval

  • Progress monitoring

  • Cost-to-complete monitoring

  • Reporting on risks

  • Advice on statutory compliance

Acquisition due diligence

Fast and detailed pre-acquisition surveys to identify the risks and opportunities of potential acquisitions.

With a forensic approach to asset and building assessment and appraisal, we provide detailed surveys and reporting, including:

  • Future CapEx and OpEx forecasts

  • Condition surveys

  • Defects scheduling 

  • Environmental assessments 

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